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AC Repair

Air Conditioning & AC Repair in Springfield, MO

It is the hottest day of the year, the outdoor humidity is 85%, and you are going to bed. Then your air conditioner stops working…this happened to most of us. There are several things you can do before calling Sun-Aire Comfort Systems for air conditioning repair.

What You Can Do
1. Check your thermostat batteries.
2. Is your indoor disconnect switch turned off?
3. Look in your breaker box, is a circuit breaker tripped?
4. Inspect the outdoor disconnect.
5. Are the Furnace Filters Dirty?
6. Open all supply air vents.

What We Will Do for You
If none of the items above are the problem, Sun-Aire Comfort Systems can diagnose the problem and do the following AC Repairs as needed.

1. Refrigerant Needs to be Added.
2. Outdoor Air Conditioner Fan is not Working.
3. Compressor is not Running.
4. Capacitors in the Air Conditioner Require Replacement.
5. Transformer in Furnace is Blown.
6. A New Control Board Fuse Is Required.
7. Furnace Control Board Has Malfunctioned.
8. Blower Motor in Furnace Will not Run.
9. The Outdoor and/or Indoor Coils are Dirty.

  • Straightforward pricing – you’ll never pay more than our quote.
  • Scheduling that fits your schedule.
  • Reliable AC Repair recommendations from professional and licensed technicians.
  • We only sell what is needed for your AC Repair.
  • Most repairs completed on the first call.
  • We stand by all recommended repairs that you authorize.
AC Repair

Springfield, MO weather can get hot and muggy, and on those days a properly running air conditioner is a must.  Sun-Aire Comfort Systems, LLC is here to ensure your residential air conditioning unit is running properly. From regular maintenance, to basic repairs, to replacing compressors or fans on your air conditioner, we do it all. Before the heat and humidity of summer, we will come out to your home and do a complete inspection and tune up of your air conditioner. For your family to be comfortable, the AC must be cooling efficiently and economically. If your air conditioner is down and needs a repair, give us a call, any day, any time. Sun-Aire Comfort Systems, LLC offers immediate emergency services, and will respond promptly to have your air conditioning unit doing its job and making you comfortable!